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Stone chip repair

A way of life?Stone Chip Repair

I never used to care about stone chips on my car, I didn’t consider it a big deal, more a fact of life, it’s going to happen so don’t sweat it.  Then I found out that those chips do rust, and it doesn’t take long for that to happen. Then I had a bigger problem! Chips and other small marks did detract from the overall appearance of my car, and maybe I should be paying attention to this!
Stone chip repair and road rash also lessen the trade  value of your car when you decide to get a newer vehicle. The salesperson will tell you it’s going to cost them a lot of money to have the paint repaired so that your car can be sold to someone else. So you get a low ball offer that sometimes can be insulting too you. Alternately, if you make your car look as good as possible, you will get more money for it.

So what to do about this?

Dabbing sticks never seem to match; the colour is always off. They have a habit of leaving blobs on the surface of your car that can look like measles, and they sometimes come off in the car wash, so you are back where you started.  It costs a small fortune to have a panel or hood of your car repainted, so that takes us to stone chip repair. Not every city or town has someone who can repair just the stone chips on your car for you; a body shop won’t do that! But you can do this yourself with various products designed for the home user. You can buy anything from just some paint in the appropriate colour to a full complete kit that will give you custom mixed paint, thinners, a chemical solution to remove excess paint, brush, gloves, and instructions. Ideally, a complete kit would be the way to go as it would have everything you need in one box.

Best way to resolve a stone chip

Assuming you go for a complete kit, this is how you’d use it: you first clean the chip with the cleaning solution to remove dirt, grease, and wax, then you apply the paint with the brush and let it dry. When it is dry you use the cleaning solution to clean around the chip, leaving the paint in the chip only. This gives you a neat, flat stone chip repair that is the same colour as the original paint on your vehicle and it does not come off when you wash your car like it can do with a dabbing stick. You can wax the area the next day if desired.